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Financial Rescue LLC

‘Financial Rescue, LLC provides debt settlement and tax relief solutions for consumers. We educate consumers about their options available to them regarding their debt and tax burdens. Our programs focus on debt resolution and tax relief issues as a limited legal access plan membership. Our debt settlement and debt resolution services are available nationwide, and clients are advised throughout the entire process by our IAPDA Certified Debt Consultants. Clients are given options to customize their program to fit their specific needs. Our goal is to help clients take control of their financial lives by becoming debt-free.’

Credit cards might build extra problems, but if used correctly, they help to improve your financial well-being and steer you towards financial success even during an economic recession.
Here’s what you can do during the pandemic.
1️⃣ Understand the benefits and rewards of credit cards.
Contact your credit card customer support to learn if there are any changes to and benefits and rewards due to COVID-19.
2️⃣ Avoid borrowing.
Better to stop using credit cards at all to avoid adding extra debt. Understood, it’s a crisis. But if possible, avoid borrowing money via credit card use.
3️⃣ Don’t cancel cards.
Even though you’d better stop using them, you want to keep them open. It’s always good for building your perfect credit score and cashing any rewards you earned to pay for essentials.
4️⃣ Be cautious.
Avoid scams: there are plenty of those especially during the crisis. Scammers play on people’s emotions and it’s so easy to fool those who struggle.
5️⃣ Contact a debt relief company.
If you’re facing struggles with making all of your payments, don’t hesitate to reach out to Financial Rescue. For over 11 years we’ve been helping people struggling with paying off debt. Contact us for information on our debt relief services today: ☎️877-973-3287
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