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Gateway Health Claimed

We're introducing a new kind of care - wholecare - that helps people achieve not just physical health, but whole life health.

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Our philosophy is to provide care that goes beyond just physical health. We focus on caring for the whole person – physically, mentally and financially. Whether you’re eligible for Medicare and Medicaid or just Medicaid, we strive to connect you with the resources you need to become a healthier and more complete individual.

We envision a future where everyone has equal access to achieve their best health. Our approach to wellness is comprehensive and includes access to health care that extends beyond the doctor’s office.

We are dedicated to creating a future where health care takes into account the bigger picture. To us, wellness is more than just treating an injury or filling a prescription – it’s about having a strong support system for all of life’s moments. We believe in caring for the whole person in all communities where there is a need.

Our goal is to provide care that goes beyond doctors and medicine and helps everyone achieve their best health.